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Welcome to our Showcase of the
Bestselling Skin Care Products from the Best Korean Brands

Only the bestselling skin care products from the best Korean brands are displayed for sale below. These are the skin care products that are not only the bestselling in Korea but also highly rated by beauty magazines & experts and ordinary users in across Asia & the world.



Laneige is the name when it comes to a premium brand that spends millions and millions of dollars in researching to develop the best skin care products. This premium brand which revolves around the 'essence of water' is amongst Korea's most established and leading brands that carry many of Korea's best skin care products that are constantly featured by beauty magazines and experts. Its official ambassadors include Song Hye Kyo & Jeon Ji Hyun. See below for the products that are considered the best from Laneige products:



Purchase any 3 Laneige skin care products and receive a set of skin care masks free.

Skin Toner


Laneige Power Essential Skin Toner (160ml)

For skin toning for all skin types.

2008 Bestseller of Award-Winning Skin Care Cosmetic Brand

Skin toner that improve skins that provides hydrating energy essential for all skin types and intensifies the Transparency Care for crystal clear skin.
Contains bio-dusali components of some 160,000 Dunaliella Salina algae providing vitality to the deepest skin layer leaving a clean and clear complexion.
BHA extracted from the bark of willows lifts off dead cells, revealing an even texture.
Releasing moisture that seeps into the skin and leaving only smoothness to all types of skins.



Laneige Water Bank Essence Lotion (60ml)

For deep moisturisation for all skin types.

2008 Bestseller of Award-Winning Skin Care Cosmetic Brand

Long lasting hydro essence that delivers moisture deep into all skin types.
  Aqua Super Action backed by Novasome technology enhances the ability to contain moist in order to keep your skin constantly soft.
Dusali Water Science helps the moisturisation and the circulation of acid for radiant and fresh looking skin.
Natural extracts from bean, blueberry and honey protect skin from external stimulation and make skin more elastic and healthier.



Balancing Emulsion

Laneige Balancing Emulsion Lotion 3 - for oily combination skin (120ml)

For moisturisation and oil control for combination to oily skin.

  Exclusively -customized for combination to oily skin requiring fresh moisture and sebum control.
  Balances the uneven appearance of oil and moisture of the combination and oily skin.
  Dusali Water Science gives the vitality and health needed by the deepest layers of your skin.

Moisturising Cream

Laneige Water Bank Cream 1 - Moisture Protection (50ml)

For skin moisture protection for dry skin.

Provides a soft layer to protect moisture for dry skin.
Aqua Super Action backed by the Novasome Technology enhances the ability to contain moisture in order to constantly keep your skin soft.
Dusali Water Science helps moisturization for radiant and fresh looking skin.

Moisturising Cream

Laneige Water Bank Cream 2 - Moisture Booster (50ml)

For skin moisture boosting for dry and combination skin.

Fresh gel type cream for dry and combination skin that quickly provides moisture in the form of water capsules which contain great amount of moisture.
Aqua Super Action backed by the Novasome Technology enhances the ability to contain moisture in order to constantly keep your skin soft.
Dusali Water Science helps moisturization for radiant and fresh looking skin.


Eye Designer Cream

Laneige Eye Designer Cream (30ml)

For tightening of eye bags, moisturising and removal of dark eye circles.

Fresh gel-type eye cream that satisfies the skin with a feeling of endless hydration.
Extracts from blueberry and raspberry to help maintain clear and elastic skin.
Dusali Water Science moisturizes and infuses the eye area for more radiant and moisturized skin.


Hydrating (Moisturising) Sleeping Pack


Laneige Water Sleeping Pack  (80ml)

For continuous 8 hours skin moisturisation while asleep for all skin types.

2008 Bestseller of Award-Winning Skin Care Cosmetic Brand

Transparent leave-on gel mask applied before bedtime. Hydration is provided deep into the skin according to the 8 hour sleeping rhythm for maximum from a more scientific skin care regime.
  Active ingredients include Boi HE which draws several hundreds times moisture than its own weight. During sleep, it supplies moisture continuously to the skin.
  When applied as recommended 2-3 times a week,  smoother skin texture will be experienced. Suitable for all skin types.

Massage Pack (Natural)

Laneige Strawberry Yoghurt Massage Pack (80ml)

For natural skin enrichment.

Doubly Reinforced, Highly Enriched Strawberry Yogurt Natural Massage Pack

Natural massage pack that allows the experiencing of highly enriched strawberry yogurt texture without the worry of runny contents.
Yogurt extract makes skin soft and strawberry extract gives a clean and healthy appearance.
The larger capsule contains mineral water (with tomato, kiwi, grape, banana, and lemon extracts and essential minerals including calcium, magnesium and zinc) and lactic acid bacteria for an added nutrition and moisture to your skin.
Vitamin E ingredients contained in the smaller capsule are absorbed into skin to make it smoother and healthier.
Simple massaging at home turns dry skin supple and moisturized.
Suitable for all skin types.
It is recommended to keep this product refrigerated during the summer.


Isa Knox is the most or at least one of the most expensive premium Korean skin care and cosmetic brand that develops some of the finest products in the skin care industry. Its superstar celebrities lineup of official ambassadors include Jessica Alba, Lee Hyori, BoA & Kelly Chen, the top celebrities from USA, Korea & HK respectively. See below for the products that are considered the best from Isa Knox:

Whitener/Brightening Serum (Ultra Premium)


Isa Knox White X-II Plus Whitening Revolution Serum

For maximum whitening/brightening of skin.

 Korea's Most Expensive & Effective Premium Whitener

Isa Knox White X-II Plus Whitening Revolution Serum is the most or amongst the most expensive and effective premium whiteners that is exclusively endorsed by Korean top celebrity, Lee Hyori.

Its ultra-corpuscular capsules enriched with whitening active ingredient blast away dark pigmentations that keep skin dull to make the skin radiantly white. The whitener is also rich with nourishing ingredients that keep the skin moisturised and translucent.


Etude House is rated by some as the most popular cosmetic brand in Korea that produces many new cute and lovely cosmetics every season. It is the favorite amongst Korean beauty magazines and is loved across Asia. It is known to produce very good facial masks and basic skin care products. Official ambassadors include Song Hye Kyo and Go Ara. See below (skin care) products that are considered the best from Etude House:



Moisturising Sleeping Pack & Set


Etude Moistfull Water Jelly Essence (Sleeping Pack)

(For moisturisation during sleep for soft and smooth skin)

#1 Moisturising Sleeping Pack Choice in Korean Beauty Magazines

Etude Water Jelly Essence is a moisturising sleeping pack that provides super moisturisation to your skin throughout your sleep for super smooth and smooth skin. It also contains minerals and vitamins to nourish your skin. 

Etude Moistfull Water Jelly Essence 50ml + Etude Moistfull Skin Toner 25ml + Etude Moistfull Moisturising Lotion 25ml





Whitening Mask Pack

Etude O2 White Mask Pack (150ml)

 (For brightening and whitening for radiantly white skin)

Etude O2 White Mask Pack is a whitening mask that helps brightens the skin in the process of making it radiantly white. Suitable for all skin types.

This whitening effect mask is infused with albutin, O2 water, O2 carrier complex and Giga White for maximum effect to make skin clearer and bright. After 2-3 minutes, this refreshing mask smoothen the skin and improves the brightness and tone of the complexion.

Directions: After washing face with cleanser, apply this on skin and leave for 10-15 minutes. Wash thoroughly with water. Recommended use is 2 times a week.



Self-Heating Mask

Etude Steam Towel Mask

(For skin recharging for healthy, relaxed skin)

Etude Steam Towel Mask is a self-heating mask that contains hot spring ingredients. Suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin. Directions: Keep face slightly moist after cleansing. Cut out dotted areas of mask. Apply mask to face and leave for 15-20 minutes.



Moisturising Mask

Etude Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask

(For moisturisation for softer and smoother skin)

Etude Hyaluronic Acid Essence is a mask that provides moisturisation through its core ingredient (Hyaluronic Acid) which is a natural moisturising agent naturally found in our skin.


Face/Facial Mask

VOV Daily Fresh Face/Facial Mask

(For concentrated nutrient supply for skin moisturisation and tightening for soft, smooth and refined skin)

#1 Bestselling Nutrition Mask in Korea


VOV Daily Fresh Mask is a nutrient-packed mask that supplies vitamins, minerals and antioxidants deep into the skin simply by placing the mask on face. This concentrated nutrition supply mask tightens and moisturises the skin for a soft, smooth and refined skin. Recommended use is around 3 times a week.

(You may mix and match any of the types and we will try our best to match your choice. However if some types are out of stock or unavailable, it will be replaced with another type that is similar to it)



Face/Facial Mask

Dermal Essence Face/Facial Masks


Dermal Essence Mask is specially formulated to penetrate highly concentrated active ingredients into the skin to make tired skin moistened, elastic, supple and radiant. It has an immediate effect of leaving skin feeling very fresh. No rinsing is necessary after removal of masks. Recommended use is around 3 times a week.

(You will be getting a random variety of types)




Skin79 is a specialist skin care brand that is amongst the most advanced that was the 1st to produce Korean BB cream. Their success continued with the introduction of other skin care products that many consider as revolutionary. See below for the products that are considered the best from Skin79:

Cleanser (High Technology Cleanser)

Skin79 Nano A.C. Control Wash (100ml)

For ultra deep cleansing with powerful whitehead, blackhead and acne control and for quick makeup removal.

Korea's Most Advanced High Technology Revolutionary Nano Cleanser


Skin79 Nano A.C. Control Wash is a revolutionary nano cleanser which performs ultra deep cleansing that effectively prevents whitehead, blackhead & acne and performs quick makeup removal. It is gentle and suitable for all skin types. Recommended use is morning and night daily.

What You Need to Know About Nano Cleansers:

Human facial pore size is 200-250 nanometers in diameter size. Because of this, it is easily filled with dirt & bacteria (from the air) and oil (created by the skin) which are many times smaller than it.

What makes a nano cleanser like this from Skin79 is that it contains nano particles which are only 10 nanometers in diameter size (0.045% of pore size) which thus allows it to enter deep inside the pore to eliminate all impurities contained. By doing this, it restricts the growth of whitehead, blackhead and acne.



Cleanser (Detox Cleanser)

Skin79 Hydra Detox+  Clarifying Foaming Cleanser (125ml)

For cleansing with  detoxification, nourishment and hydration/moisturisation for healthy and clear skin.


Skin79 Hydra Detox+ Clarifying Foaming Cleanser utilizes what they call as a 3D Cleaning System which effectively covers cleaning plus detoxification, nourishment and hydration/moisturisation for healthy and clear skin. It is suitable for all skin types. Recommended use is morning and night daily.

 The 3D Cleaning System:

1. Papain, Keratoline-C & Hydra Detox+ for detoxification (effective removal of bacteria from skin).
2. 5-Herbal Complex (for nourishment).
3. Aqua Plant Extract, Plankton, Deep Sea Water (for hydration/moisturisation).






Serum (Acne Elimination)

Skin79 AC Spot Solution Serum

(For acne growth restriction and elimination)

Skin79 AC Spot Solution serum is a 3 acid solution that when applied on acne, will effectively restricts its growth and eliminate it in time by making it dry out naturally. It usually does not sting or cause redness. Recommended use is 1-3 times a day on affected spots only depending on effect desired.


Exfoliator Cleanser

Skin79 Crystal Peeling Gel (Exfoliator Cleanser) (100ml)

For ultra effective skin exfoliation for skin regeneration and glow.

Extremely Highly-Rated Magazine-Featured Exfoliator in Korea


Skin79 Crystal Peeling Gel is an extremely effective exfoliator cleanser that removes dead skin cells and impurities deep within the skin. It leaves skin feeling extremely clean, smooth and soft instantly. Its primary purpose is to remove the layer of dead skin cells that builds up on your face to promote regrowth of new, healthy skin cells to give your skin a great glow. With continuous use, your will notice your skin becoming much more radiant and refined.  This exfoliator is very highly-rated and have been featured by many beauty magazines in Korea. Recommended use is 2 times a week.


Scrub Mask (Exfoliator) Pack

Skin79 Sweet Honey Sugar Scrub Mask (Exfoliator) Pack (100ml)

For ultra effective skin exfoliation (with scrub effect) for maximum removal of whiteheads and blackheads.

#1 Bestselling Exfoliator Scrub in Korea with 100% Positive Feedback


Skin79 Sweet Honey Sugar Scrub Mask Pack is an extremely effective scrub mask that removes whiteheads and blackheads as much as possible from the skin. Besides the pore cleansing effect, it also promotes acceleration in the skin rejuvenation process. Recommended use 1-2 times a week.

Before & After Effect:

More photos here



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