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Skin79 Nano A.C. Control Wash is a revolutionary nano cleanser which performs ultra deep cleansing that effectively prevents whitehead, blackhead and acne. It is gentle and suitable for all skin types.


What You Need to Know About Nano Cleansers:

Human facial pore size is 200-250 nanometers in diameter size. Because of this, it is easily filled with dirt & bacteria (from the air) and oil (created by the skin) which are many times smaller than it.

What makes a nano cleanser like this from Skin79 is that it contains nano particles which are only 10 nanometers in diameter size (0.045% of pore size) which thus allows it to enter deep inside the pore to eliminate all impurities contained. By doing this, it restricts the growth of whitehead, blackhead and acne.






To fully understand how it works and how effective it is, watch the video below:

(As Skin79 Nano A.C. Control Wash does not have a video of its own, we are showing you the video of another cleanser that uses the same nano technology used in this Skin79 nano cleanser.)



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